Audio Installers

Audio Installation in HooverWhen you make the decision to have a custom audio system installed in your home, selecting your audio installers in Birmingham or nearby areas is an important choice. Our audio installers are industry trained with certifications from Home Acoustical Alliance (HAA) Synergistic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon), Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), Custom Integration and Design Association (CEDIA) and a variety of manufacturers.  We are committed to excellence and have the background to make the audio in your home the best it can be.

We can improve your home by installing an audio system that:

  • Offers remote access so it can be controlled from any room.
  • Gives you the ability to use various sources like a television, iPod or satellite radio.
  • Creates a system that immerses the listener in music and movies the way they were meant to be heard.
  • Can be part of a whole home automation package that incorporates lighting and security systems.
  • Blends naturally with the rest of the home décor while projecting quality sound.

Home Audio Installation is a Science

Installing your home audio system goes far beyond the scope of installing a simple stereo system. When initially planning a design for your home based on the final results you desire, your audio installers will take several things into account about your home.

  • Is the home new construction or an existing structure being retrofitted?
  • Does the room have vaulted ceilings, tile floors or other features that affect the acoustics of the room?
  • What rooms are to be included and what functions will be required in each room?
  • Will the home audio system be combined with a home automation system?

After evaluating these things, we will then plan the placement of speakers, wiring and other hardware throughout the home. Your system will be connected to a single controller to operate the functions throughout the home. This is where our audio designer's education comes into play. The actual installation in your home is a highly technical process and our audio designer/engineer holds three degrees in Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Your system will be designed and installed by a trained, educated professional.

Audio Installation

Why Acoustics Matter

Your audio installers will tell you that acoustics of a home make all the difference in the end result of your home system. The height and shape of a room will affect the way that sound travels throughout the room. When you enjoy a high-quality home audio system, the sound will be clear and focused. Improperly installed audio systems could result in echoes, fuzzy dialogue in movies and television and imbalance between loud and soft sounds.

In the case of new construction, it is especially important to have a professional audio installer design your audio system. This is because when you add furniture to a room, the way sound moves through a room changes from when it was empty. A professional can predict and plan for these nuances and make certain the ultimate results are perfect.

Calibrating Your Sound System

When an audio installer does the job right, your home audio system will produce a sound so perfect, that you’ll feel like you are in enveloped in the movie you are watching and immersed in the sound of the music you’re playing. If your home audio system was not installed professionally or properly, all is not lost. Our audio installer will calibrate your system to get it sounding like it was done right the first time.

  • Constantly adjusting the volume during movies to hear the quiet parts and loud parts at an equal level.
  • Rattling and buzzing sounds from items hanging on walls.
  • Echoing or fuzzy, unintelligible dialogue.
  • By making adjustments in speaker placement and the levels of output from each specific type of speaker, your audio installer will create a perfect balance and perfect sound.

If you're looking for audio installers in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook or any nearby city in Alabama, choose us. You will be choosing someone with the broad education and experience to ensure that your system is of the highest quality. Call us to come to your home and give you a free consultation on how to customize the soundtrack to your life.