Home Audio Installation

What is Home Audio?

What we mean by “home audio” is a custom-designed sound system installed in one or many rooms of your home.

  • A popular choice for many people is a surround sound living room or home theater room that is considered a primary zone.
  • Adding secondary zones like halls, bathrooms and kitchens provides seamless transitions from room to room.
  • Different audio sources like iPods, stereos, televisions, satellite radios, intercoms, and even the doorbell can be used to bring your home to life.

What do you want to achieve with your home audio system?

Are you a master chef that wants to listen to the opera while you conduct a symphony of flavors in your kitchen? Are you a cinephile who demands the finest quality sound to accompany a cinematic masterpiece? Home audio systems are ideal for entertainers that want their guests to be able to move from room to room without sound interruption. Custom home audio installation will achieve your sound goals, whatever they may be.

Home Audio Installation in Mountain BrookDon’t be afraid to dream big. When developing a custom system, the sky is the limit. Because we offer so many other services like home automation, we are able to deliver impressive quality and manageability. You will be able to easily put on the right tunes at the right volume and adjust the lights in your house to create the desired ambiance – and have it all preset for when you arrive home!

Why should I have a professional do my home audio installation?

Home audio installation is a complicated task. The logistics of wiring and speaker placement alone require math, computer science and engineering know-how. Variables like vaulted ceilings and tiled floors can affect the acoustics of a room and make a system perform poorly. Just like a guitar, your home audio system needs to be finely tuned or calibrated to create and maintain the ideal sound in your home.

We have partnered with the Home Acoustics Alliance to master this science and ensure excellence in your home audio installation. We will evaluate your home and develop a plan to create a system that will provide clear, precise sound that envelops the listener with booming bass and soft whispers. Make your dollars count and have a professional perform your installation the right way, the first time.

Who should handle my home audio installation?

Home Audio SystemJust by visiting our website, you’ve acknowledged that you want and deserve something better than a generic, big box store home audio system. What you want is perfection. It needs to be of the finest quality and fulfill all of the wants on your checklist. That is precisely what we will give you.

Whether your home audio installation is for a new home or will be retrofitted for your existing home, we are the company that has experience in design, engineering and installation. We have the knowledge to come up with the best design plan to work into the infrastructure of your home and give you fantastic results. We will propose a plan to you and explain in detail the scope of the project, so you feel comfortable and confident before they proceed.

We have a project management and implementation team that has extensive experience. Our founder is a graduate of Vanderbilt with three majors in Electrical engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics. His education and over 20 years of professional experience provide the foundation from which excellence grows. We will generate a comprehensive design documentation packet for you, which will include details of the project with pictorial line diagrams, ceiling layouts and tons of technical information detailing how the system works.

For expert home audio installation in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook or any nearby city in Alabama, call our team today.