Home Theater Installations

Revolutionize the way you experience films with one of our home theater installations. We can transform your family or media room into a multi-dimensional cinema equipped with the latest in high-tech audio-visual technology. And you can immerse yourself directly into the action of your favorite movies.

  • Projection screens and plasma televisions provide vivid life-like images that bring the stars – and movie stars – into the room with you
  • Surround sound systems envelope you in audio resonance that allows you to hear the depth and distance of dialogue and sound effects
  • Bring your entertainment system into the 21st century and experience high-definition clarity and brilliance.

Professional Customization

Home Theater InstallationsOur professional home theater installations are custom-designed and optimized for the rooms in which they are being installed. We take into account the amount of light that comes into the room through windows and adjoining rooms, and also factor-in the size and shape of the room to create the best acoustical experience.

Televisions and Video Screens

Choosing the right screen for your home theater is vital to the overall design and outcome of a project. Many people believe that bigger is always better, but this isn’t always the case. It is logical that smaller rooms require smaller televisions and larger rooms require larger televisions. However, there is a deeper logic behind these guidelines. The size of the television that you choose should be based on the distance from which you view.

  • Sitting too close will result in pixilation, while sitting too far away from the unit will result in loss of detail. We are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and take into consideration the ambient lighting, distance to the seating locations, projector brightness and calibration capabilities, screen wall height and width, and speaker placements to determine the right video projection system to fulfill your needs.
  • Movies and most sporting events are in wide screen format meaning that on a regular HDTV or filmscreen, black bars will still exist on the top and bottom of the screen. Our certified Home Cinema design team will design your system to take advantage of the "Movie Wide" formats. Don't lose one-third of the brightness and image size by choosing the wrong video system for your Theater Room.

Surround Sound

Getting the most out of your theater installation requires perfect surround sound distribution. Nothing gives you a more intense perception of space and location than being able to hear distant approaching footsteps, or the intimate whispers of a private conversation. Surround sound systems provide the intensity to the ears that 3-D effects provide for the eyes.

We will perform a customized assessment of the acoustical qualities of your room and devise the best layout for your speaker system. We will evaluate the size of the room; the materials used on the floors, walls and ceilings; the furnishings in the room, and the way sound is contained within the room. Each of these elements will have an effect on the way sound is carried, reverberated and heard.


Lighting can enhance or diminish your movie viewing experience. Glare from the sun or from fixtures in a media room can interfere with picture quality. So every source of light will be taken into consideration as the plans for your home theater are developed. Blackout blinds and curtains can be used on windows and open doorways to control interference lighting.

  • We will develop a lighting scheme that will cover task, accent and ambient lighting, all of which will contribute to your cinema experience.
  • Task lighting is the bright illumination that you need to read a movie description or the buttons on a hand-held remote. This is pre-show, everyday activity lighting.
  • Accent lighting is the illumination produced by wall sconces or fixtures that illuminate the architectural features of a room or your artwork.
  • Ambient lighting is the illumination that softly fills the entire room.
  • Accent and ambient lighting fixtures can be dimmed with the push of a button to create just the right amount of illumination to navigate your media room without fear of tripping or having to fumble your way.

When it’s time for you to have the ultimate media room, call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We guarantee to enhance your entertainment experience.

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