Surround Sound Installer

Even though you’ve been listening all your life, with customized audio you may “hear” a piece of music as if it’s for the very first time. You will pick up all kinds of things about a favorite movie or video game that you didn’t know were there. Your surround sound system will be designed and built by a highly skilled engineer who is intimate with the finest sound equipment in the world.

Surround Sound Installer in VestaviaWhen you call our surround sound installer, you are calling for completely customized audio performance. Experience the brilliance of technology. Surround sound isn’t just a process of adding speakers to a room. It’s about utilizing fine audio technology to create the rich experience of crystal clear sound. This is not out-of-the-box, TV store stuff. You’ll have a unique, individually configured and constructed system and you will be wowed!

A Sound Experience – not Just a Sound System

Our surround sound installer has an engineering and software education, which is essential to configuring the perfect solution for the acoustics of your room. It will involve mathematical computations, and pure passion for designing and building systems that are fully tailored to what you listen to, and how you like to listen. For excellence in hardware we turn to Adagio and Pro Audio Technology whole house entertainment and surround sound systems to create the most balanced equipment packages available.

  • For a true surround sound experience – as it was recorded and meant to be heard – the perfect number of speakers will be installed to deliver the full dynamic range of life-like sound.
  • Many soundtracks use a six-channel format referred to as 5.1. The numbers indicate five speakers with the .1 reserved for a subwoofer producing low frequency effects (LFE).
  • A 7.1 system would be made up of 7 speakers with one LFE channel for the deep, rumbling bass.

Our installer may recommend a combination of high performance surround sound speakers. This 7.3 system will include three LFE bass subwoofers and 7 speakers installed either in walls or in the ceiling, or both. Each will be precisely arranged and installed so that your custom system will deliver the pure sonic performance you expect. The goal is to drive your listening experience to the pinnacle of quality.

Surround Sound System

Speaker Placement

In most systems, the three front speakers will be positioned left, center, and right and will provide primary sound. The next pair will be left and right approximately even with seating. This will heighten special effects or instrumentation. The final pair are placed to the left and right behind seating and provide the subtle sounds of softer instruments, or in the case of video and other media, to deliver the natural sounds of wind or approaching footsteps or machinery. The placement of multiple LFE bass subwoofers will be designed throughout the room to provide driving bass tones or the rumbling that accompanies mood and intensity in a movie.

The Benefits of Surround Sound

Music and video is currently made to be an immersive entertainment experience with different sounds coming from different directions. True surround sound separates each individual channel of a recording, allowing each speaker to deliver a distinct audio track. Our surround sound designer may recommend a proprietary 7.3 HD professional sound processor. The PSPHD will accurately assign to each speaker a specific signal, enveloping you with sound including the deep bass of multiple subwoofers.

When you open the doors to our surround sound installer you’ll find a very passionate person who has a rare combination of training in mathematics and electrical and software engineering. To build on our educational background, we maintain membership in exclusive trade organizations that provide continuing training and leadership. We remain on the cutting edge of technology and bring to the design and installation of your system the highest level of pure industry knowledge. And we care. We really love this stuff!

When you need a professional surround sound installer in Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Mountain Brook or any nearby city in Alabama, call us today for a free consultation.