Light Control Systems

Light Control SystemsFor years, homeowners have enjoyed the comfort and security of a motion-sensor light outside of their home. Those same homeowners with light control systems can have that same convenience and peace of mind throughout their whole house. You will never again have to nervously enter a dark room. In fact, tying in your light control system to your security system is no problem.

As we imagined in our childhoods, the future really has brought us a time when our presence in a room can be detected and a light comes on. Aside from being really cool, this is a convenient feature that can minimize your carbon footprint. Maybe you don’t turn off the light as you leave the room because you’re in a hurry or you forget or your hands are full. Whatever your reason may be, a light control system will do the work for you.

Save Energy

  • If the lights are only being used when you’re in a room, imagine the difference that makes for the energy you use and the size of your electric bill!
  • By one estimate, a light control system can save 20-60% on the average business electric bill.

If much of your business is conducted on computers, look for an increase in productivity as well. Studies show that typical office lighting, while good for paperwork, is 2-3 times brighter than needed for computer work. Adjusting the lights with a light control system could result in a 5-10% productivity increase. Raising productivity and lowering your operating costs, that’s just smart business.

Daylight Harvesting

Even when you want the lights on at home, it can be a hassle to adjust them throughout the day. Turning on one light during the day, turning on three more in the evening, managing the light in your home is now made simple. A technology known as daylight harvesting can sense the amount of daylight coming into your home and adjust your lights to the perfect level.

With many light control systems, there is one single controller to manage all of the lights in a home. Homeowners can have the ability to turn a light on in a room on the other side of their home with just the push of a button. Light control systems can mean never stubbing a toe or stepping on a toy in the middle of the night again.

When you are Away from Home

  • Even when you’re not home, light control systems can be working for you. You can program lights to go on and off at certain times throughout the day, so even when you’re on vacation, it will appear someone is home. This has been proven to improve security and deter break-ins.
  • When you come home from that long trip, rest assured, the light will be on for you. But you don’t have to leave a porch light on for hours attracting bugs. You can turn it on right before your arrival.
  • You won’t have to worry about fumbling with your keys in the dark or rushing through a swarm of mosquitoes eager to come inside with you.

Sometimes light switches seem easy to turn on but impossible to turn off. Moving from one room to another in your house, family members will turn the light on as soon as they enter a room, but they never remember to turn it off as they exit. With our control systems, homeowners get a solution to this problem, as well as many other problems. Call us today and we’ll take a free look at your home and your needs. You risk nothing to find out about moving to 21st century lighting!

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