Sound Masking and Background Music

We expertly install high-tech sound masking and background music systems in local corporate offices. In today’s corporate world, there is a greater demand for speech privacy and sound control. Our audio engineers take your building into consideration to create a custom sound solution that will meet your needs. We also provide background music systems that are easy to use and instantly change the vibe in your facility. Contact us today for more information.

Corporate Sound Masking Birmingham

Corporate Sound Masking

While no equipment on today’s market can stop sound from occurring, we have the solutions to mask sound. With white noise machines installed around sensitive areas, like conference rooms, those who aren’t inside the room will only be able to tell that someone is talking. By garbling speech and other sounds to render them unintelligible, corporate conversations can remain private, as they were intended.

Speech privacy systems don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Budget is always a concern, which is why we have equipment that fits every price point. We install sound masking technology that works to reduce noise distractions while also providing speech privacy. Once in place and human speech is masked, office productivity is boosted, and privacy is increased. Call us today if you’d like sound masking equipment installed at your corporate office.

Corporate Background Music

When background music is a key part of your branding and your atmosphere, there are a variety of audio technologies that will present the perfect solution. If you’re looking to modernize your business with background music throughout your facility, we can help. Our equipment is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Background music results in a professional and trendy image while providing a great experience for both customers and employees alike. We can create or tailor a perfect A/V system for your needs. Contact our team to get assistance in selecting your new sound masking and background music A/V solution.

In today’s tech-obsessed world, only the highest quality sound for your background music and PA system will do. For that reason, we have plenty of technology to provide your guests and employees just that. We can integrate such technologies as digital audio, zoned paging, network control and even emergency notifications as needed into your PA, intercom, and background music system. No matter the needs for your facility, our team of experts will assist you in designing the perfect solution for your corporate setting.

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We provide sound masking and background music technology for corporate offices in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby areas.