We install high-performing, easy-to-use A/V systems for local education facilities. The classrooms of today require a higher level of technology than in days past. Our sound systems and video projecting equipment increase student engagement, which leads to higher test scores. Call us today to learn more about the audiovisual products we offer.

Education Video System Birmingham

We provide audio and visual services in the education arena, including the following:

Education Audio and Video Systems

With today’s ever-advancing technology, providing a better audiovisual experience for students is a top priority. We design and install A/V systems for small to large auditoriums and classrooms. No matter the scale of your facility’s needs, we have the system for you. For facilities that have auditoriums and classrooms, our engineers will ensure the space is set up to meet your needs. We install video wall or projection screens where teachers can present from a podium while controlling every element of the room from their location.

When you have lectures, events or other presentations that need to be viewed by other rooms, campuses or facilities live, or at a later date, a system that encompasses capture, recording and streaming functions is essential. We utilize modern, top-of-the-line capture and streaming solutions that will meet the needs of any school. Above all, our systems are simple enough for any staff member to use.

Classroom Sound Systems HuntsvilleIn the classroom, an interactive display system will change the way your teachers and students presents, learns, and participates. Rather than displaying worksheets on a projector, you can send the image to the TV. You can also move the image around and add to it. You can even have multiple students adding notes and illustrations to your document, without the need for a keyboard or mouse. As a result of all the new technology, options for enhancing the classroom experience are endless.

Classroom Sound Systems

Our classroom sound systems are easy to use and therefore, greatly improve the class experience for all students. We install assisted listening equipment for the hearing impaired. Every student should have the same access to the material, so that they have an equal chance at success. Our techs will expertly install the systems that best fit your classroom needs. Whether it’s a classroom smart board or a sound system for a large auditorium, we’ve got you covered.

In a classroom setting, understanding is paramount. In multilingual, larger, or noisy study environments, providing assistive listening systems can ensure every student walks away having heard every word. Above all, clear and focused delivery of every word with assistive listening technologies will make a world of difference in your school.

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We provide audio and visual systems for education facilities in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby locations.