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We install high-quality assisted listening systems to aid hearing impaired students. It’s imperative that every student hears the classroom information clearly. It’s no mystery that a student’s performance and involvement in class is greatly improved when the lesson is clear. The assisted listening devices we install help eliminate background noise interference and sound distortions. Call us today to learn more about the options we offer.

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Classroom Assisted Listening

It’s crucial that every student hears the lesson in the class. Assistive listening technologies are a game changer for students with hearing problems. Hearing impaired students who have success with hearing aids or implants often struggle in classroom settings. Background noise interference, sound distortions, distance, and echo can be a challenge for impaired students. Poor classroom acoustics can also be a source of frustration.

We install wireless and wired ALDs to allow them to remain in the classroom or move from class to class. Assisted listening devices are great to use with cochlear implants and personal hearing aids. They can also work when students are in small groups. The ALDs we install work for students with a range of hearing impairments. Because each device and system we install are simple to use, they make life easier for teachers and students. We offer free on-site estimates, just call us today to get started.

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Assisted Listening Devices & Systems

The assisted listening devices and systems we utilize are ideal for a classroom setting because they deal with the background noise, room echo, and sound distance that cause difficulties for students with hearing disabilities. Our techs will help you provide an ideal listening environment for the entire student body. We install three types of ALDs, including frequency modulated (FM) systems, Soundfield amplification systems, and induction loop systems. Often we can use existing infrastructure when we install your upgraded ALD devices.

Hearing loops, or audio induction loops work by a magnetic, wireless signal picked up by hearing aids set to Telecoil. The magnetic signal means it works regardless of the location. With a hearing loop system students don’t need to worry about switching back and forth between hearing aids and headsets. In addition to the other benefits, hearing loops mean users don't have to remember to pick up and return portable receiving units or headsets. Call us today to learn more about hearing loops and the other assisted listening devices we install.

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We install assisted listening device systems in schools and learning facilities in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.