Auditoriums and Theaters

We install professional audio, video, and lighting technology for auditoriums and theaters of all sizes. Whether your educational facility is using the space for lectures or performances, we'll design a completely integrated setup for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation so we can review your goals.

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Audiovisual Installation for Auditoriums and Theaters

Performing arts venues deserve the highest quality of sound, video and lighting systems to pay tribute to the artists and performances. The right system also ensures that all attendees have a night to remember, wherever their seat is. ENGAV has the audio, visual and lighting systems that will bring performances to new heights in your facility.

For facilities that have a multi-purpose room for presentations or training, such as auditoriums and theaters, our A/V engineers will ensure the space is set up to meet your needs. Your training or presentations may require a video wall or projection screen where speakers can present from a podium while controlling every element of the room from their location. At ENGAV, we design and install A/V systems for auditoriums and theaters, no matter the scale of your facility’s needs.

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Lighting Solutions for Auditoriums and Theaters

The best lighting option for auditoriums and theaters is professional theatrical lighting. The right lighting system does more than just brighten a room, it also sets the atmosphere. Lighting also directs the audience where to look. We work with amazing manufacturers in the industry to bring you a high-quality product. When you need a fully-integrated lighting system, call our lighting experts for a free consultation. We will review your goals for the auditorium or theater and develop a perfect system for you.

We also retrofit lighting systems to upgrade them with new LED lighting. It’s not always necessary to completely remove the old system to make room for the new one. Our lighting engineers have solutions to convert old lighting components and systems that result in a more efficient and dynamic LED system. If you are searching for a quality sound, video, and lighting system to highlight the dynamic range of the performances that take place or are shown or played in your venue, contact our specialists today.

Theatrical lighting for auditoriums and theaters
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We install and maintain audio and visual systems in auditoriums and theaters in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.