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Gymnasiums and Stadiums BirminghamWe provide next level audio and visual technology for local gymnasiums and stadiums. Whether it’s a high school basketball game or dance performance, the entire experience is improved when the video and sound systems are top notch. Our crew will expertly install a fully-integrated system for top performance. Call us today, so that we can get started upgrading your gymnasium or stadium.

Audio Visual Systems for Gymnasiums and Stadiums

We have installed top quality audiovisual solutions at many local school gymnasiums and stadiums. We take the unique needs of your facility, your goals for the A/V setup, and your budget into consideration. Our A/V techs will create a scalable, integrated system, regardless of the size of your gymnasiums and stadiums. No matter what budget you are working with, we have the right gear for you. Whether you need enhanced audio, a video wall, or an HD score board, we will deliver!

Stadiums present a challenge when it comes to weather. Luckily, we have all-weather technology available. We recently upgrade the sound system for a local high school stadium using the Danley weatherproof OS-80 with awesome results. We install speakers with full range sound that reaches all the way across the field and high up into the bleachers, so that no one misses a single play. Watching any event without quality sound is a disappointing experience. After your free consultation, we will design the best plan for you. We will ensure that your gymnasium or stadium has the right sound system, that’s user-friendly and long lasting.

Stadium Lighting Control Huntsville

Lighting Control Systems for Gymnasiums and Stadiums

Lighting is crucial for gymnasiums and stadiums. Whether it’s a sporting event, band, or dance performance, students deserve to have their skills highlighted. We install lighting control setups that direct the audience’s view, enhance performances, and spotlight athletes. We only use the best quality equipment to ensure superior performance. If you need fully-integrated lighting control, then call our techs today for a free consultation.

We install lighting solutions in gymnasiums that provide flexibility and allow the space to be used for multiple purposes. We can also retrofit an old gymnasium lighting system and upgrade it to a newer, more efficient LED system. LED is also a smart lighting solution for stadiums because it keeps maintenance costs low, but highlights every play. If you want quality A/V and lighting systems to enhance events in your gymnasiums and stadiums, then contact us today.

Lighting solutions for gymnasiums and stadiums
LED smart lighting technology
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Our A/V experts provide audio visual solutions for gymnasiums and stadiums in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby locations