Sound Masking and Background Music

Our team of audio experts expertly installs quality sound masking and background music systems in local schools. In today’s classroom, there is a high demand for speech privacy and sound control. Our A/V engineers evaluate the needs of your campus to tailor a custom sound solution. We can also provide background music technology for a calming atmosphere. Contact us today to get started.

Educational Sound Masking Birmingham

Educational Facility Sound Masking

There are many times at educational facilities that speech privacy and sound masking are a necessity. Our audio engineers install various types of classroom sound systems for privacy or assisted listening purposes. We know schools are always under budget constraints, so we have sound masking and background music systems at every price point. We will take your building’s layout and acoustics into consideration to design the perfect solution.

When speech privacy and sound masking are critical, like in the counselor’s office, white noise machines are the answer. These units garble sounds so no one outside the room can hear them. Sound masking equipment also reduces noise distractions which greatly improve student focus. Call us today if you’d like sound masking or speech privacy equipment installed at your school.

Educational Background Music Huntsville

Educational Facility Background Music

If you need background music for your school, we’ve got the right equipment for you. We have various options that are easy to use and can be integrated with your existing PA system. The right music creates a better learning and working environment for students and staff alike. As a result of a better learning environment, students earn higher grades! Contact our sound engineers to get assistance in choosing a new background music solution.

Bring your school facility to the next level with high-quality professional sound masking and background music technology. We also install and customize PA and intercom systems that are easy to use and streamline daily activities. Regardless of how complex the needs of your facility are, we will come up with the perfect solution. Contact our office today to set up a free consultation. Our experts will review your goals so that we can advise you on the best equipment.

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