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Government Audio systems BirminghamOur company installs high-quality audiovisual systems for local government and municipality facilities. We understand the sensitive nature of the work you do. Thus, we take care to create a system that fits your needs. From digital signage to sound masking and video projection, we do it all! Call us today to set up a free consultation.

We provide the following A/V services for government and municipality facilities:

Audio & Video Systems for Government Facilities

Our team provides a wide range of A/V streaming options for government buildings. We also design and install A/V systems that meet your needs. We work with government offices of any size, no matter the security requirements. Our team members are also experts at working around acoustical and security challenges to create a user-friendly system. Better A/V equipment improves every meeting, teleconference, and more. Contact us to find out how our engineers can enhance the quality of your meetings and presentations.

If you have a media room, press room, or multi-use room at your facility, then quality A/V technology is key. ENGAV also has decades of experience designing and setting up custom systems at government and municipal buildings. We guarantee that your new setup will provide secure A/V technology. We can also install every element you need including microphones, receivers, networking, intercom systems, and speech privacy components. Call our office today to learn more.

Secure Audio Solutions Huntsville

Secure Audiovisual Solutions

When security is essential, the best choice is a hardware-dependent audio video conferencing system. We install classified systems that will ensure only the intended audience hears the conversation. Our systems are customizable, so that means you can encrypt the information only when you need it. If you need a secure video collaboration system, then you’ve found the right company. Contact us today to hear more about creating a secure platform for your building.

While there is no way to guarantee a 100% secure system, we work hard to minimize the risk of a data leak. We also install speech privacy solutions such as, sound masking and smart glass. With sound masking, we utilize white noise machines to distort the sound. Anyone outside of the room will be able to hear murmured voices. But they won’t be able to make out the words. Smart glass is also a helpful addition when privacy is a concern. With the touch of a button, the glass turns from clear to frosted. Smart glass works with all glass pane doors and walls. Smart glass is also perfect where security and privacy are a concern. Call us to learn more about all of our options.

Safe and secure A/V technology
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We install audio and video technology in government and municipality facilities in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.