Audio and Video Conferencing

Quality audio and video conferencing setups are critical at all levels of government. Our experts install top of the line equipment to improve your ability to communicate and connect with staff. We offer easy to use technology for every price point. Our technology is completely customizable and adaptable for any size facility. Call our office today for more info on our audio and video conferencing systems.

Government Audio Conferencing Birmingham

Government Audio Conferencing

Clear and secure communication is necessary for any government agency or office to function properly. Whether you are discussing classified information between facilities or conducting your weekly staff meeting remotely, you need high-quality audio equipment to effectively get your message across. ENGAV installs state-of-the-art teleconferencing systems that will transform the way your department functions.

While you want your phone conferences to have clear sound, we understand that due to sensitive information, you also need privacy. Simply shutting the door isn’t enough when top secret information is discussed. Our experts install sound masking gear to ensure those outside the room can't hear the conversation. White noise machines are a great option when speech privacy is a concern. Contact one of our audiovisual experts today to set up a free consultation.

Government Video Conferencing Huntsville

Government Video Conferencing

Secure video collaboration is key in government, so we install classified video conferencing systems. Our hardware-dependent equipment protects sensitive information and prevents security leaks, while still being easy to use. We also setup smart boards, touch screens, video projection equipment to bring your office to a whole new level. Whatever your conferencing needs are, we will find the right solution.

When you call to set up your free consultation, also ask about our other privacy options. Smart glass turns from clear to frosted with one switch. This type of glass is great for government, military, and municipal conference rooms and offices. Whether you are looking for a secure conferencing system, sound privacy, or smart glass, our goal is your total satisfaction. Call us today if you have any questions or you want to schedule an appointment.

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We install audio and video conferencing systems at government facilities in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.