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We are here to help with enhanced audiovisual technology for your conference and training rooms. Our highly-skilled A/V engineers provide insight to help you bring your conference room to a new level when it comes to audiovisual equipment. From live-streaming, video conferencing, interactive displays to sound masking and security, we take care of it all. Contact us today to learn more about our installation services.

Government Conference Rooms Birmingham

Government Conference Rooms

Keeping information classified is key at government facilities. This means, you need your conference and training rooms to be equipped with the right gear to prevent security breaches or data leaks. We install secure conferencing systems that not only protect information but improve how your daily meetings run. Our video setups can record and save lectures or meetings for later viewing.

Our techs also install sound-masking and speech privacy technology so no one outside of the conference can hear what is being discussed. We work with conference rooms in any size facility no matter what challenges the acoustics present. Our team also has automated lighting and shading options available for our government clients. Ring our number today for more information.

Government Training Rooms Huntsville

Government Training Rooms

Change how you train new personnel with upgraded training room audio and video systems. We can take care of all your audio, video, and lighting needs. If you also need video equipment for your training sessions, we have state-of-the-art video projection systems and 3-D visualizers. Depending on the size of your training room, a video wall might be the way to change how your staff trains new hires. We also have smart boards and touch screens available. Set up a consultation with us today so that we can review all the options with you.

For a truly advanced training tool, consider a 3D visualizer system for your government facility. Using a 3D system means you can demonstrate and educate like never before. The visualizer projects 3D video of an object beneath it. The camera is ceiling-mounted and utilizes a stereoscopic mixer to blend images for stunning high definition 3D display. If you’d like to see this technology in action, then contact us today.

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We install audio/visual equipment in government conference and training rooms in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.