Your courtroom requires modern audiovisual equipment for events or hearings. Our team of A/V experts will make sure you are set up for success. We have the technology on hand to record, archive, or document proceedings. We often service both federal and state courts of record in ensuring all mandated recording procedures are in place. If you are ready for enhanced A/V technology in the courtroom, then contact us straight away.

Courtrooms Audio Installation Birmingham

Audio & Visual Installations for Courtrooms

Perhaps is there no facility where A/V technology is more critical than a courtroom. Freedom and justice are on the line, so it’s key that every party involved clearly hear and see evidence and testimony. We have considerable experience servicing federal and state courts, with great success. Courtrooms present unique audiovisual challenges, and we are ready to tackle all of them.

We install all audiovisual equipment needed for courtroom presentations, such as:

  • Video and audio for arraignments
  • Remote video arraignment equipment
  • Evidence presentation equipment
  • 3D presentation technology
  • Court-to-court or court-to-remote video and tele-prompters.

If you need new equipment to meet the latest mandates, then call us to discuss your needs.

Courtroom Assisted Listening Huntsville

Courtroom Assisted Listening Technology

It’s vital to accommodate individuals with hearing impairments. Almost always, those with hearing impairments have existing hearing aids which work for individual settings but not in a group. We install Telecoil loop ALDs that help eliminate problems with distance from the speaker, background noise, and sound distortions. If the courtroom suffers from poor acoustics, the loop system also fixes that for hearing impaired people.

T Coil hearing loops function with a magnetic and wireless signal picked up by hearing aids using the Telecoil setting. Using a magnetic signal means it works no matter where it is. Another bonus to the hearing loop device is that no one has to hassle with switching between headsets and hearing aids. Get in touch with us today, so you can learn more about the assisted listening devices we install.

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