Sound Masking and Background Music

Our team expertly installs sound masking and background music systems in local government and municipal offices. At government facilities, there is a high demand for speech privacy and sound control. Our sound engineers carefully consider the needs for your building and create a secure solution to meet them. We can also install background music systems if you want to modernize your office. Contact us when you are ready to schedule a consultation.

Sound Masking Birmingham

Government Facility Sound Masking

There isn’t a system on the market that can mask all sound, but we have solutions that make conversations unintelligible. We use white noise machines, or “mudders,” in especially sensitive rooms so passersby can’t make out the speech. By distorting the sounds, the result is an inability to hear the conversation. Therefore, classified information remains private, as intended. If you would like to learn more about sound masking and speech privacy, then contact us today.

One plus of the speech masking systems we use is that they are available at many price levels to fit different budgets. The sound masking and background music systems we install help to eliminate noise distractions and promote greater focus. When your staff can focus better, productivity is boosted. Call our audiovisual company if you’d like sound masking or background music technology installed at your government facility.

Government Facility Background Music

A background music system is a great addition to any government facility, especially one the general public often visits. The right sound set the general mood of any location. All of the technology we install is easy to use and maintain. No matter how your facility is structured, or what acoustic challenges it presents, we will come up with the right solution for your needs. We also install full-service units that control your intercom, background music, and PA system. We can even include emergency notification technology. Just give us a call today to discuss your audio visual needs.

The right background music system should bring a sense of calm to everyone in the building. Whether you need a multi-zoned system, or something simpler, our audio experts will tailor a setup specific to your requirements. The bonus to the background music systems we install is the ability to communicate directly to staff and guests when there is a critical incident. Call us today to find out if a flexible sound masking and background music system would work for your government facility.

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We install sound masking and background music systems at government facilities in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.