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Houses of Worship BirminghamWe install top of the line audiovisual systems for local houses of worship. Whether you have a small church or a large complex, we offer audio and video solutions that meet the needs of any facility. Our goal is to provide long term solutions that are easy for any staff member to use, and that enhance the experience of your parishioners. Call us today for a free evaluation of your existing A/V system.

We provide the following audiovisual services for houses of worship:

Pro Audio Installation

Houses of worship have many unique audio requirements. We install systems that handle any acoustic challenges including, echo canceling, audio streaming, assisted listening devices, and more. During your free consultation, we will analyze your acoustics and come up with a plan to get the best sound possible. You may not think that acoustics have an impact on how your congregation feels during a service, but it does. Everything from mechanical system noise, reverb, and bass levels affect the overall sound in a room.

Investing in a professional audio system is a wise choice for any house of worship. It’s important to choose the right A/V company that can help you make the right choice in equipment. Our systems are customizable and scalable, so the system will grow with you as your congregation grows. We have the system to meet your needs whether it’s a small house of worship to a major complex with a large amphitheater. Whether it’s a sermon or a choral performance, the sound quality will be exceptional.

Video Installation

Video has advanced far beyond what it was even ten years ago. We install state-of-the-art video technologies at houses of worship for projection, production, and display systems. The impact video has on an audience is undeniable. A video wall is a great addition to large houses of worship, and it allows everyone present to be able to see what’s happening. Make video production a part of your spiritual communications. Call today for a free consultation with one of our experts.

If you need to stream a sermon to a remote location, or even another room at your house of worship, we have the audio and video technology to make that happen. Regardless of whether you need to stream a sermon to an internet platform or another location, we will customize a plan for you. We will also make sure you have the ability to record and store video for later reference and viewing. If you need to project an image on to the wall, floor, or ceiling; then Gobo projection is the best choice. Ask us more about our projection solutions when you call to schedule your consultation.

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We provide installation of easy to use audio and video equipment for houses of worship in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and surrounding areas.