Assisted Listening

Sound matters to your parishioners, which is why we expertly install assisted listening technology at your house of worship. We can overcome any acoustic obstacle your property has and leave you with crystal clear sound. We have successfully improved the sound quality at many local houses of worship. Call us today to learn more and receive a free on-site estimate.

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Assisted Listening Technology

When prayer and worship are in the picture, it is crucial that parishioners can understand and take part in the service. For hard of hearing individuals, several different assistive listening technologies provide a personalized, clear and focused listening experience for every member of the congregation to appreciate.

We offer a wide array of systems to meet your every need, both on individual and group levels, to complex loop systems that will send the speaker’s voice directly to the ears of the hearing impaired.

When you call us for a free on-site estimate, we will evaluate the size and acoustics of your church or temple and create a custom package to best fit the needs of your congregation. Our audiovisual experts make sure that ambient and background noises are minimized, and the sound of the sermon is maximized. We have worked at houses of worships of all size. No acoustic challenge is too tough for our team! Call us today to get started.

 Assisted Listening Systems Huntsville

Assisted Listening Equipment Installation

With our expert installation services, we will make sure you are adequately meeting the needs of your entire congregation. While churches usually have beautiful stained glass windows, the result is a sub par sound environment. We utilize filters, sound masking, and more to make sure the only sound the parishioner hears is the word of the Lord. Unlike, some assisted listening technologies, the equipment we install has virtually zero delays.

If you have an existing assisted listening system in place, we might be able to reuse some of the components. With some tweaking and reconfiguration, our experts will make sure the sound is crystal clear for everyone who comes to services, regardless of where they sit or the severity of their hearing issues. Call us today for more details and to set up an appointment to receive your free estimate.

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We install and maintain assisted listening technologies for houses of worship in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and nearby cities.