Video Projection and Digital Signage

Create a more dynamic experience for parishioners with new video projection and digital signage technology. We’ve worked with houses of worship of all sizes to help them achieve their audiovisual goals. Whether you are overcoming lighting, sound, or other issues, we will find the solution.

Video Projection

Churches and synagogues require exceptional sound and video quality so that the entire congregation enjoys the services. We install video projection systems that elevate the experience and highlight the message. We can also include the addition of a video wall to your house of worship for even more visibility and enlightenment. Video walls make use of multiple large-screen televisions for a seamless display. When it comes to video projection, we have many customizable options for you; our engineers are happy to help design the perfect system for you.

If you need to stream a church service to an overflow room or maybe a Sunday school classroom, let us install the right A/V equipment. We have video systems that allow any staff member to set up, record, and broadcast the Sunday sermon. If you want to stream your church service to live TV, we’ll make sure your video broadcast will go off without an issue. You’ll also be able to record your service for later viewing or re-broadcasting.

Digital Signage

Gobo projectors eliminate the need for a video projector if you want to display an image on the wall, ceiling, or floor. Whether simple or complex, we will find the right option for your spiritual facility. Also, if you need an eye-catching logo or image displayed on your church’s exterior? We can install the right permanent or semi-permanent lighting system that will create the desired effect on your walls or windows. If your religious facility covers a lot of ground with multiple buildings, a logo video projection system will help patrons find their way.

No matter what type of digital signage your house of worship needs, we can design and install it for you. Whether you want a new marquee or a wayfinding signage system, we’ve got you covered. We utilize LED, LCD, and projection technology for a truly eye-catching result. There is no limit to what high-quality digital signage can do at your property. Speak with one of our A/V engineers today for more information and to schedule your consultation.

Video projection and digital signage system installation
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