I highly recommend Engineered Audio Video for all audio/video integration services. They installed the sound system in our sanctuary in April. Due to the fact that our church is so large and has many hard surfaces, sound trends to reverberate, making it hard to understand what is being said. Engineered Audio video found the answer to this problem, and our congregation can now understand everything that is said from the Ambo, the cantor podium and from the wireless lavaliers.

This system has performed above and beyond our expectations. Engineered Audio Video handled the install of the sound system with the utmost professionalism. They put the system in the sanctuary in a timely manner and with little effort on our part. The sound in our church has never been so good. Directing the sound to the congregation with the new beam steering speakers and updating g the audio system masked the reverberation in the church enabling going to Mass at Saint Paul’s less straining and more fruitful

Engineered Audio Video is a dependable and friendly company. They provide excellent work and wonderful customer services. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Reverend Kevin M. Bazzel, J.C.L. – Cathedral of Saint Paul

I highly recommend Engineered Audio Video for all of your sound needs. They “fixed” the sound system in our church hall at Saint Elias and did so in a very professional manner. They were able to “fix it” because they listened carefully to our issues and developed a system and method so that we now have clear quality sound in our church hall for all of our functions. Let me further explain. We have a very active church and have many functions in our hall. Before, our sound system could be adjusted by anyone and everyone did. Accordingly, it never worked right. We also had out dated microhomes that required you to “eat” the microphone in order to be heard. We sat down with Engineered Audio Video and explained our issues and troubles. In a few weeks’ time, they came back with several proposals and a game plan to fix our issues. We chose a path that was not the most expensive proposal but was not the least expensive either.

Once Engineered Audio Video finished with the project, we have had no more issues. We now have an on/off switch and volume control. Everything else is locked. Our new system is easy to use and basically fool proof. We purchased new microphones and now everyone can hear a speaker at a banquet, etc. The music can be played and never be too loud because the maximum volume is set. Finally, you can play music, hook up the microphone and be heard at the same time the music is playing, if you wish. It all works easy and has made our ability to host meaningful functions extremely easy.

Finally, Engineered Audio Video is professional, courteous, and have been very patient in showing us how the system would work and how it actually worked once completed. They have always been available and responsive with any questions.

If you need the best in sound look no further. Engineered Audio Video is the company for you.

Paul B. Bolus – Saint Elias Maronite Catholic Church